Saturday, July 21, 2007

Make Money Teaching Online On website

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Did you know you could teach from home and earn a six-figure salary? Thousands of people make a great living teaching online courses from home, and the more classes they teach the more they earn! If you want into this exciting profession, this guide will show you how to get started, find great jobs, and earn more than you thought possible.

You may not consider teaching a very exciting profession, or at least not a lucrative one. But what if you could teach from home—or anywhere in the world—and earn a six-figure salary doing it? Tens of thousands of people make a great living teaching online courses from wherever they happen to be. And the more courses they teach, the more money they can make.

Online universities are sprouting up around the country and revolutionizing the way we teach and learn, and enterprising educators are cashing in. Traditional universities are offering more courses online—and they need growing numbers of adjunct faculty to teach them. In Make Money Teaching Online, online educators Danielle Babb and Jim Mirabella explain how to get the education you need, find high-paying teaching jobs, and increase workloads and income.

Today, more than eighty percent of learners have taken at least one online course, and those numbers continue to rise. But rather than hire tenure-track professors, institutions are increasingly looking for part-time, remote educators to teach online courses. By teaching multiple classes, you can make much more money than most full-time tenured professors.

Step by step, the authors show you how to:

* Find legitimate online universities and opportunities
* Discover what universities look for in online educators
* Manage and master the technology you need to teach
* Maintain professional relationships and grow your business like a consultancy
* Balance your workload to minimize effort and maximize income
* And much more

Make Money Teaching Online is the only guide you need to get started, find great teaching jobs, and earn more than you thought possible. If you want a personally and monetarily rewarding career in this revolutionary new industry, get online and get teaching.


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