Tuesday, September 4, 2007

MediaText Pay Per install

Pay Per Install Information

MediaText is contextual advertising company. MediaText gives advertisers the ability to target consumers through keywords and deliver text, image, video or flash animated advertisements. Publishers can monetize the content of their site without sacrificing additional space. Publishers also benefit from active or passive income from referrals to the MediaText publishers program. MediaText has their own advertisers so so there is no middle man like with other networks so you get more money. Publishers get 50% rev share straight from what advertiser pays to MediaText.

There is also great referral program which is paying 5% so you get share of your referred webmaster earnings including his referral earnings.

MediaText is based in Canada and payments are done by cheque, paypal, ePassporte, Stormpay and wire. Minimum payment is $50. This company is looking for webmasters who can deliver more than 5mil page wiews per month but other sites are also welcome to join.
If you have any questions there is ICQ support or toll free number.

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