Tuesday, October 2, 2007

RevenuePilot pays you money when your user clicks on our advertiser’s listing provided to you through our linking method such as static/dynamic banners, text-links, XML feed, javascript include, search-box, etc. When the listing is clicked, your user is then sent to an advertiser’s web site and the revenues you earn from that click are recorded to your account. You will get paid 60% for each click-through that is generated in this manner from your web site.


usman said...
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usman said...

This big advertising company has an enormous network of the announcement, specially for its good tariff of payment in announcements of bandera/de the text. You can put announcements in your site anywhere. The index of payment of its flag of the CPM 300×250 is upper between all its announcements of the CPM. To the announcements of the CPC, unless the announcements of the networks, they also provide uniform site-specific announcements that you can fix a price for a on credit fixed one and hopes publicistas to buy it, or left the price determined of AdBrite automatically according to the demand.200$ like minimum pay, only by the check, after 30 days since you make enough money

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