Sunday, March 1, 2009

SEO Hints You Can’t Live Without

by Simon M Skinner

Search engine optimization; also known as SEO is incredibly important to the success of your website. If you are new to the world of web based business, you may still be a bit confused about what exactly SEO is. There are several things which you need to do as a site owner to make the most of search engine optimization ? the following are the five most important things which you must do for your site in terms of search engine optimization.

#1 ? Learn as much as possible about SEO. This is important. There is a lot to know and there are a number of good resources out there which can get you started in your search engine marketing efforts. Read up and you’ll be well prepared to make the most of search engine marketing.

#2 ? Find the right tool for the job. You have a lot of choices when it comes to search engine optimization and some will better meet your needs than others. You should definitely make use of these tools ? you’ll save yourself a lot of time in the process. Evaluate some of the SEO tools out there and use them as you build your site. You’ll have an easier time getting into the Google top 10 if you build your site with SEO in mind.

#3 ? Use keywords in your URL. Search engines give a lot of weight to your URL, so use your primary keyword sin your URL if you can. Don’t overdo things and make your URL a convoluted, hard to remember mess though. Additionally, as you build links between your pages, use hyphens, not underscores ? these will be seen as spaces by search engines.

#4 ? Research your keywords before you build your site. Use the best possible keywords to build your site around. There are keyword research tools which can make this an easy process; find the best keywords to reach your niche and use them from the ground up; you don’t want to have to go back and change things later.

#5 ? Use Pay Per Click Ads to drive traffic. Pay Per Click ads are one of the best ways to bring in traffic to your website as you get started. Google AdWords is probably the best PPC provider to try, this has the widest possible audience and is well worth the cost. Pay Per Click ads provide a cost effective way to bring in traffic quickly and are well worth your time and money to use as you seek to raise the profile of your new website.

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