Thursday, July 19, 2007

Earn Money form Ebay

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Become a member of the most innovative and successful affiliate program on the Web. Drive your traffic to eBay and get paid for it!
Earn 50% to 75% commission on eBay Revenue
Earn $25 to $35 commission per new active
user referral
Take advantage of eBay's brand
Joining is easy and free through our trusted affiliate partner, Commission Junction.

As an eBay Stores Affiliate, you will earn money by generating new eBay Store subscribers for The World's Online Marketplace. Your site will help expose new sellers to eBay's huge and growing market of 193 million shoppers. For each person who clicks on your eBay Stores link and then opens a new eBay Store, you will earn an immediate commission of $25. And, once your website refers 100 new Stores in any given month, we will double the commissions you've earned in that month from $25 to $50. Join now! It is fast, easy to set-up, and the earnings add up quickly. You'll earn $25 upfront for every new paying eBay Stores subscriber you generate with the opportunity to earn an additional $25 once you refer 100 new Stores in any given month -- that's a potential $50 for every eBay Store you refer! The eBay Stores affiliate program will not be accepting affiliates who reward, give points, or offer sweepstakes to their users in compensation for opening a Store on eBay.


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