Thursday, July 19, 2007

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If you are an ebay seller, your primary goal probably is to make as much money as possible on ebay by selling the products you get from wholesalers, drop ship suppliers, flea markets, garage sales or your own basement. But unfortunately, there are now thousands, if not millions, of people interested in doing the same thing as well. For you, this often means a consistent raise in competition. However, taught competition is not going to stop you from profiting in ebay if you know about marketing.

When you list your items for sale on ebay, you sale items will be viewed by potential buyers. But because of high competition, these potential buyers will also look at other similar items offered by your competitors and thus making harder for you to generate ebay sales. You may want to consider taking a step further to promote your ebay auctions. There are several ways that you can go about marketing your ebay sale items, without spending money for the marketing.

Perhaps, one of the best ways to market your ebay auctions is by joining the ebay community, otherwise known as the online message boards. When you communicate and discuss with other members in the ebay community, your ebay name will be used as your screen name. Whenever you creaet a new message or reply to an existing one in the ebay community forum, your name is left with a link to your main ebay webpage. That is the age that outlines all of the items that you currently have available for sale. Many ebay community members click other member’s pages just out of curiosity, but it not uncommon for someone to find something that catches their eye. Simply starting a few conversations with other ebay community members, even just occasionally, may help to increase your ebay exposure.

Another relatively easy method to promote your ebay sales auctions to the general public is by posting on several message boards, besides eBay. There are message boards allowing internet users, just like you to post information on items that they have available for sale, both on and off of eBay. However when marketing your ebay listings in message boards, make sure that you only advertise your ebay sale items in areas designated for doing so, to avoid being complained as spamming that will hurt your reputation.

When you have multiple items for sale on ebay, you can put a “please checkout my other eBay auctions,” message at the end of each of your eBay listings. This is also a free and easy way to get more people to view your ebay sale listings.



I like to use a free image host to cut down the cost of listings. There are many free ones available however I like Oogle Toogle as it allows 5mb file uploads with no daily limits. In addition they also over 10mb upload for members (also free, but requires signup)

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