Monday, July 16, 2007

1 Before you ask for anything, it's important that you show your parents that you are a responsible, perfect little angel son or daughter (even if you aren't). You have the upper hand because everyone thinks their kids are perfect! So make your bed, get all your homework done, get good grades, etc.

2Negotiate with your parents. Explain to them exactly what you want to buy and why you don't have enough right now.
3.If you are looking for long term savings, suggest a bank account and tell your parents this will save you money and teach you to be responsible for later in life (they love to hear that kind of stuff). Tell them it is for college. They will literally cry at how responsible that is.

4.Offer to do more chores. If you already do a lot, tell them you will complete them more thoroughly and without them having to ask all the time (and then actually do it). Some suggestions for easy chores to do: wash the dishes, set the table, take out the trash, sweep, vacuum, dust and so much more. If you do this all the time, your parents will think you are that perfect little angel and you'll get a whole lot of loot.
5.# If they still don't give you more money, don't feel discouraged; instead, make sure you are doing everything they expect of you plus more. Leave them little notes after you do something extra saying "I accept tips." They will think this is so cute that you might have a better chance to change their minds and give you more money.
6.If you still don't get any money then don't feel down. Instead, set out to find a new job. Mow the neighbors or your grandparents (they will love it)' lawns, walk dogs, babysit, whatever! If you have a regular family that you babysit, make sure that they know you are looking for more work. Sometimes they will be reluctant to share you, but all kids have friends for play-dates. The parents of those kids need a night off too! Even if they have a babysitter already, you can offer to be an alternate. Parents like having a backup.
7.# Try adding up the amount of money you get and the amount of money you need for school supplies, new clothes, birthday presents,treats, ect. That way your parents can see how much money you really need.


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