Monday, July 16, 2007

How to Earn Money How to Earn Money

Planning a Money-EarningProject
In planning a money-earningproject, your post should follow these guidelines: • Determine whether you
really need the money. First, review your current budget to be sure that participants’ dues will not be
sufficient for your needs. If they aren’t, determine how much money you need to raise for which specific needs.
Then, develop a specific
budget based on your needs
and goals.
• Be realistic.
Consider carefully what your participants will actually
do. Explorers have not been very successful with selling
products door-to-door. Posts are more successful with onetime
projects, such as a dinner or car wash.
• Decide how funds will be accounted for. Decide in advance whether all funds raised will go into the post general funds, into individual Explorer accounts (within the post account) based upon hours worked and profits made, or a percentage into the post general funds and the balance into individual Explorer accounts. Explorer accounts belong to the post and can be used by an Explorer only to defray his or her share of
costs of post activities.


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