Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How to Earn Points As Allowance

How to Earn Points As Allowance

A points chart is a system of allowance where you work to earn an item, and the points you get are boxes (one for each dollar) that get filled in as you go along. Gone is the temptation to spend the money on a little bit of candy as soon as you get it.

1. Get your parent's approval. Explain to them why it would be easier, and that you still earn the same amount of money, and instead of searching for cash and change each week, after a few months all they have to do is buy something with a credit card or write a check. Point them to this wikiHow.
2. Decide how hard you have to work to earn a point. You can do it with either however long you spend doing something, or for certain activities;
* If for time, between 10 and 30 minutes would be good for earning a point.
* If for activities, make a list of all of the activities and how many points they earn.
3. Start earning! Have them X out or initial each box as you earn it. You can leave the box on the refrigerator where it will be visible and easy to find. Some activities that you can do to earn points are:
* cleaning your room
* eating dinner with the family
* doing dishes
* doing laundry
* caring for pets
* babysiting younger siblings
* getting good grades
* house and yard work
* The bad news: You can also lose points for being bad. This is one way to make you behave!
* Always keep working for the reward! You will be thankful in the end if you do.


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