Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Steps How to Make Money When You Are Too Young to Get a Job

  1. Identify your skills and abilities. What can you do that someone will pay you to do. Can you do yard-work? Walk dogs? Babysit? Make and sell things? Recycle paper and metal items? Computer stuff? There are many things that you can offer others, if you think hard about it. Make a list, writing down ALL possibilities.
  2. Edit your list. There are some things that will be more profitable than others. Scratch out those that will take too long to generate the money you need.
  3. Cross out the jobs that you will have to buy a lot of equipment for. The jobs you want are those that you can work with the tools that you own or can borrow.
  4. Determine how much time you can give to the business. You do no one any good, if you let schoolwork or your health suffer. Throw away any things on the list that take too much time away from the other important areas of your life.
  5. Just like those of us who have been in similar situations, you have probably narrowed your choices down to some kind of service, like baby-sitting, yard work, or selling something. Pick one and let's get to work. First, how much will you charge? Try to charge as much as you can, but don't bid yourself out of the market. If a prospect is unsure about your price, let him know how you are giving more than you are charging for. Make your price seem like a bargain. If you can get $7.00/hour it will take a little less than 43 hours over the next month to equal $300.00. That means 10 hours/week. $5.00/hour = 15 hours/week. Add a couple of hours per week for prospecting, which leads to the next step:
  6. Advertise. Go door-to-door or post flyers, maybe both. Ask your friends to help you. Let as many people as you can know about your service. Make sure your potential customers know who you are, what you offer, and how to contact you.
  7. When talking to someone who might let you work for them, don't tell them why you need the money- they won't care. At least, not until they get to know you. Instead, tell them how you will make their life easier or better by hiring you. For example, you are not offering to rake leaves; you're selling less work for them and a beautiful yard.
  8. If they hire you, do a little more than they ask. Just a little something extra, like offering to take the trash can to the street, for free.
  9. If you see an additional job that you can do for your customer, ask if they would be willing to hire you to that, as well. Also, don't forget to ask if you can come back next week. It's a lot easier to come back to a happy customer, than to find a new one. If the customer is happy, then ask for a referral. Also ask if they would arrange a meeting for you.
  10. Plan your time, and work your plan. If you say you are going to work five hours on Saturday, but only have enough work for three hours, knock on doors or post flyers for the other two. A store won't close early just because no one is shopping right now.


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