Tuesday, July 17, 2007

  1. NEVER leave the kids alone. They might draw on walls or get into something they shouldn't be in. Keep them occupied and bring lots of fun games.
  2. Make a Fun Bag. In the fun bag you could have candy (if they are allowed), movies, coloring pages, stickers, books, games, and crafts, as well as various things for you when the kids go to sleep. The things in the Fun bag should consider the age of the children you are babysitting, as very young children will appreciate different things to older children.
  3. When the kids start to get fussy or antsy, ask them if they want to color / do a project / play a game. They say yes and, voila! Fun bag!
  4. Play with the children. They won't like it if you don't play. So, take out the thing they want to do. If you are doing a project or coloring and you have messy toddlers, let them help put down newspaper to protect floors and tables. Have fun and they will be able to tell and enjoy your prescence more.
  5. Little kids also love doing things for themselves. Let them pour or stir their own drinks, make their own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or help you make cookies. It helps pass the time while teaching them skills, and they will feel more involved and grown up instead of you taking over everything.
  6. Put a chair by the sink for the kids to stand on, and let them help you wash the dishes. (Take out sharp objects like forks hiding in the suds so they don't get poked accidentally.) Being allowed to help you wash the dishes can be a reward for young children.
  7. Be patient with the children if they start getting bored or miserable, show them the things they have brought and encourage them to play. If they don't want to do something in particular, find something else for them to do!
  8. Take them outside! Ride bikes, go to the park, walk the dog, anything outdoors will run their energy out! Make sure to be very careful because the outdoors also has many hazards.


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