Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How to Make Money as a Teen

1. Apply for a job at a local food or clothing store. This will be your primary source of income, even if you are only making the minimum wage. Even small amounts of income will add up over time.
2. Work all summer on your job and have a good attitude. You might even get a raise. Try as hard as you can and don't moan about it and you will be recognized by your employer.
3. Do chores around the house. Ask your parents if you can clean the house each week instead of them or your housekeeper. Do your laundry and the dishes. This can be a weekly sum. If you do this, do the chores properly or your parents might not think it's worth their money.
4. Babysit, walk dogs, or mow lawns for your neighbors. These jobs can pay really well and you don't have to travel very far. If you do jobs for your neighbors, do the job well and ask them to refer you to other neighbors or their friends, and soon you will have lots of jobs to do! Sell soda, gum, or other products and you can get some money from it.
5. Use your talents to your advantage. If you are artistic, you can make a product and sell it. Or create paintings and sell them. If you are really a musically inclined person and can write music, you can always post your music on the Internet. You'll get buckets of money doing that and you can start a band and go on MySpace, YouTube or a similar site.
6. Tutor others in lower grade levels for money if you are smart and know you could do a good job of it. Find people who you could coach for money if you are a well known athlete in your school.
7. Have a garage sale.
8. Put your spare change in a jar. Remember, a little here and a little there can really add up to a lot. Put the jar somewhere where you can always see it, such as your bedside table or desk. This will help you remember to add change every time you see it.
9. Organize your thoughts and keep a simple plan for making money. Trying to tackle too much can be very stressing and can be a hazard to your developing body.
10. Try running a summer camp for the 5-8 years olds in your neighborhood.


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